Amira's Picture Day (Unabridged)

Amira's Picture Day (Unabridged)

von: Reem Faruqi, Nazia Chaudhry

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Verlag: Dreamscape Media Audio
Format: MP3 (in ZIP-Archiv)
Veröffentl.: 05.08.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781662099311
Sprache: englisch

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Just the thought of Eid makes Amira warm and tingly inside. From wearing new clothes to handing out goody bags at the mosque, Amira can't wait for the festivities to begin. But when a flier on the fridge catches her eye, Amira's stomach goes cold. Not only is it Eid, it's also school-picture day. If she's not in her class picture, how will her classmates remember her? Won't her teacher wonder where she is? Although the day's celebrations at the mosque are everything Amira was dreaming of, her absence at picture day weighs on her. But a last-minute idea on the car ride home might just provide the solution to everything...

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