The School Connection

The School Connection

Parents, Teachers, and School Leaders Empowering Youth for Life Success

von: Sheila E. Sapp

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Verlag: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
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Veröffentl.: 15.05.2021
ISBN/EAN: 9781475854688
Sprache: englisch
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<p><span>This handbook is a guide and recourse of strategies, tips, and how-to-do’s for parents/caregivers, teachers, and school leaders. The author provides topics in the handbook that addresses parent involvement/engagement and its effect on academic achievement and school success, the benefits of parent involve/engagement and its impact, role of parents with their child’s/children’s education, a listing of selected easy-to-do games and instructional activities to develop and nurture self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, and perseverance (Power Tools) to ensure school and life success. </span></p>
<p><span>This book has tips/recommendations for not only parents/caregivers, but also for teachers and school leaders. When the home, school, and community form a viable partnership, all youth thrive and reach their potential. As an added feature of the handbook, includes brief explanations of the roles of key school personnel, general school policies, procedures, and regulations to demystify schooling to minimize misperceptions and increase positive relationships. Additionally, although the handbook is a resource all parents/caregivers in general, a chapter is included and devoted to the parents/caregivers of special needs children and discusses/shares strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of Individualized Education Program ( I.E.P.) meetings. There are also suggestions and recommendations for teachers and school leaders to participate as viable members of I.E.P. team members. </span></p>
<p><span>The theme of the book is about the importance of collaborating and partnering among parents, schools, and community stakeholders to empower youth for life success. </span></p>
<ol start="1">
<li><span>Parent Involvement: It’s Evolution</span></li>
<li><span>Role of Parents in Educating Youth</span></li>
<li><span>Parents of Special Needs Youth: Survival Tools</span></li>
<li><span>Empowering Parents to Nurture Empowered Youth</span></li>
<li><span>Demystifying Schooling</span></li>
<li><span>Fostering and Developing Life Skills for Success</span></li>
<li><span>Games and Instructional Activities to Boost Life Skills for Youth Success</span></li>
<p><span>About the Author</span></p>
<p><span>Sheila E. Sapp</span><span>, a recently retired teacher and school administrator with over forty-five years of dedicated service in the field of education, continues to work toward helping all you reach their full potential. She is the founder and owner of a consulting business as a service provider for parents/caregivers, teachers, school leaders, students, and community stakeholders.</span></p>